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You're never far from home with NosaraNet

High speed internet is provided by our partnership with NosaraNet. Located in the same building, NosaraNet brings us the best quality internet connection in the area. They have ten stations available so your never far away from maintaining your connections back home.

Long distance calling is available at two stations and at a very reasonable flat rate, and the quality is outstanding. If your from the states, we've simplified things so you can just dial your number with area code, and you don't have to remember all those pesky country codes.

Nosaranet also offers copy/fax service, scanning, digital photo printing, outsourced computer repair, computer and computer parts sales. Please visit the NosaraNet website for more information.


High speed interent: 10 cents/min

International phone: 15 cents/min flat rate to USA, Canada and most countries in W. Europe

*please inquire about prices for other locations